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Value: 2 million New factory opens



Value: 8 million

Event: The establishment of Weijia Type Plastics Co., Ltd., and began to push the iso9001 system



Value: 26 million

Event: Build an independent design team



Value: 45 million

Event: 1, through TS16949 certification audit 2, look forward to the company's 5-year plan, clear the company's development direction, and new plant planning 3, mold research and development center set up



Value: 57 million

Event: 1, the purchase and construction of new plant 2, the formation of a research and development team and with a number of customers and suppliers to develop new products and materials



Value: 78 million

Event: 1, set up aluminum die casting and coating production line 2, into Geely, Zhongtai and other host plant secondary supporting